Welcome to the website of the South West Alpaca Group.

SWAG is probably the largest regional group of the British Alpaca Society and covers postcode areas BA, BH, BS, DT, EX, PL, SN, TA and TQ – though as you will see from the Members Directory we also have members from further afield.

While one can be a member of SWAG without belonging to the BAS – and vice versa, the overwhelming majority of SWAG members are also BAS members.

The main purpose of SWAG is to help members with advice and experience on all aspects of alpaca ownership. We run our own show and are heavily involved in organising alpaca classes at numerous agricultural shows through the South West of England. The number of events that we attend is increasingly yearly and there is keen interest in these delightful animals.

Traditionally SWAG also organises a Veterinary and Social day towards the end of the year and put on other events such as workshops focussing on fibre, fleece sorting, neo-natal concerns, soil testing, nutrition, end produce, etc..  If you have any topics you would like to see addressed, please let any member of the committee know.

We also publish a quarterly Newsletter by email.

A membership form is available from this website.

Meet some of the Alpacas living in the South West Region:

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