DEFRA Consultation

Last Thursday (24th April) BAS wrote to all members asking them to respond to the rare opportunity to take part in a consultation with Defra about ways to control bTB in relation to Camelids.
Please, please help BAS and the alpaca community by doing just that – responding.
It is so important that Defra have a responses from as many of you as possible. You can write an email to   %20expressing expressing your own views or use the wording suggested by BAS as a guide (see below) or respond to the questionnaire in full. The consultation document is at .The consultation closes on 6th May and BAS would be grateful to be copied into your reply. They state clearly that all such messages will be treated with absolute confidentiality.
Additionally and in order to offer support, BAS suggest that if you would be interested in attending a meeting within the region where members of the BAS Board and a BVCS vet talk about the proposed surveillance scheme and answer any questions on bTB Testing then please do let us know by replying to this message.
The SWAG committee will be responding individually and would be immensely appreciative if you could do the same.